Colbyn 4, 5 & 6 routes, timetables and prices

One of Tshwane Bus Service routes stretches all the way from Pretoria to Colbyn and back. Colbyn is situated East of the City and is a pretty affluent suburb like most suburbs here’s a snapshot of the area on Google Maps.

In order to catch the Bus to Colbyn you need to head to the corner of Pretorius and Bosman as of current 2019 near the offices of rural development and land reform as seen in the Google maps image below. There are always Tshwane Bus Service Bus signs at the bus stop these signs usually depict or inform us where the bus will be going to. So look for the Tshwane Bus Service sign written “Colbyn”

Colbyn 4, 5 and 6 will take the following streets on the out route (leaving the city) starting from the above mentioned Bosman Street between Pretorius and WF Nkomo (Previously Church Street) then as it leaves to take the following streets Madiba (Vermeulen), Du Toit, Helen Joseph (Church), Stanza Bopape (Church), Hill, Francis Baard (Schoeman), Jan Shoba (Duncan), Gordon and Amos (Terminus)

There are a total of 21 stops during the out route and similar on the in route (coming into the city from Colbyn) here is a more accurate depiction of the route via Google Maps

The route depicted in the dark blue is the route the bus will take. Zoom in and out to view all the stops. You can also use the Google Map provided to map out the times. Open the map in a new tab and you would as the bus travels be able to see your location on the map then you can use that as a mechanism to find where you are as you travel on the bus if it is your first time.

Bus Timetable

As of 2019 here is the latest timetable extracted from Tshwane Bus Service please note that these times might not be as accurate as usually busses can be supplied based on demand such as an extra temporary bus being introduced.

The official 2019 timetable can be downloaded at

What you will need?

You will need your Tshwane Bus Service Connector Card read more about that

How to stop the bus

Using your Tshwane Bus Service Connector Card you would lift it up as the driver approaches and once he stops climb the bus and scan your card upon entry and upon departure of the bus.


Remember you can track your Tshwane Bus and broadcast the location in order to show fellow transport users where their bus is. Simply follow the guide

Safe trip and hope you enjoy Tshwane Bus Service as much as we do!