How do e-toll gantries work?

As you drive your vehicle past an e-toll gantry your vehicle is identified via its registration number or e-tag(purchased) by overhead cameras installed on a gantry thereafter the video footage or tag signal is interpreted by computers and is billed to your account. If you do not have an e-tag you’ll receive a bill by mail to the address your vehicle was registered to otherwise the amount is deducted from your account.

An e-tag

Usage of e-toll at traditional boom-downs

At some traditional tollgates, the option to use your e-tag to pay is available instead of using your card or cash you would use your e-tag to pay, and then the amount is then deducted from your account. You can read our article about all the traditional toll collection points in South Africa

Why do I want to know about e-tolls?

You’d want to know about e-tolls because they can become an unexpected expense because in most cases unless you read the road signs you would not know that you’re travelling through one and those charges pile up and you eventually receive your bill and you may not have budgeted the amount due.

How can awareness about e-toll locations help me?

If you know about them… You can avoid them or if you know about them you can create a monthly estimate or at least be aware that you will be receiving a bill and budget beforehand and hopefully take advantage of the early payment discounts and avoid paying more than you actually owe.

How we can help you?

We have put together an interactive map that shows you all the e-tolls in  South Africa. Zoom in and out and click on the markers for more names of the tolls.

What are the toll tariffs?

They differ from toll to toll but you can access the tariffs by viewing the toll gazette or accessing the e-toll site

Who operates our e-tolls?

  • Electronic Toll Collection (Pty) Ltd
  • Transaction Clearing House (TCH)
  • Violation Processing Centre (VPC)

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