An tollgate in South Africa

An image of a tollgate in South Africa

How do tollgates work?

Tollgates collect fees from you in return they maintain the road that you were or are driving on. They rely on the money you pay to maintain the road. This is done not to burden taxpayers any further but rather to collect from those who use the road..

Why do I want to know about none e-toll tollgates?

It could be that you’re a new driver not familiar with the road you are taking or it could be that you are planning a trip somewhere you aren’t familiar with. Tollgates in this scenario can often lead to delays or unplanned costs effectively affecting your traveling plans.

How can awareness about none e-toll gates help me?

Knowing all your toll gates can assist you in a couple of ways:

  • You can avoid paying the tolls by planning early exits and detours
  • You can prepare cash beforehand just in case the credit card machine is offline
  • You can calculate traveling costs ahead of time

Therefore we can assume that if you know about a tollgate in your chosen route you are able to make better decisions and account for delays and additional costs

How we can help you?

We have put together an interactive map that shows you all the tolls inĀ  South Africa. It is important to note that none of them are e-toll applicable there is a separate article for that. Zoom in and out and click on the markers for more names of the tolls.


What are the toll tariffs?

Find the toll name via the map and find the price on the Bakwena website for the latest updates

Why do we have toll roads?

Most of our roads that aren’t tolled are financed by our tax money, at times there isn’t enough money to construct and maintain the roads… Tolls are then introduced to in a way tax the user of the road without raising taxes for the rest of the population.

Who operates our tollgates?

Most of our tollgates are operated by


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