Tshwane Bus Fares for 2019 are as follows

Fare BandDistance CoveredFare
Fare Band 10-3 KMR8,00
Fare Band 23-8 KMR9,50
Fare Band 38-14 KMR11,50
Fare Band 414-21 KMR13,50
Fare Band 521-29 KMR15,50
Fare Band 629-38 KMR17,50
Fare Band 738-48 KMR19,50
Fare Band 848-59 KMR21,50
Fare Band 929-17 KMR23,50

Tshwane Bus Service prices are charged by bands as can be seen in the above figures, in order to understand how much you pay you would need to measure the distances that you travel on a single trip. It doesn’t matter if you take another bus as that will be seen as a transfer and transfers are usually free provided you take the second bus within an hour and a half timeframe.

The prices are relatively cheaper compared to other service providers in the city, here is also why it is a lot cheaper… They are subsidized firstly and secondly, they have something called bonus points or otherwise known as connector points.

Here’s how it works for every card load worth R80 or more you then get bonus points which are pretty much cool see below

Travel PointsPriceFree Points
Connector R20R20,000
Connector R60R60,000
Connector R80R80,00R16
Connector R100R100,00R22
Connector R150R150,00R35
Connector R200R200,00R50
Connector R350R350,00R95
Connector R500R500,00R140

Pretty sweet huh? You could load R500 and probably travel for 1 week only on the bonus points.

Please note that in 2020 around June prices might increase as that is the period Tshwane Bus Service has set aside for fare increases.

If you have more questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below and we will get back to you.


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