Congratulations on choosing a LOCAB product, this documentation will walk you through everything you need to know for you to get set up and start using our system.

To begin You need to have either the app or website we highly recommend using the app due to it being more reliable, we recommend using the website in the case of emergency or if you are using a non-Android based operating mobile system.

To get started head to the play store and download the LOCAB app by searching for “LOCAB AM” or head to

Now you need to know that LOCAB AM is a tracking and monitoring system in that there has to be one person tracking and multiple others monitoring so it is important to know which role you are going to play.

Using the App

Using the App to monitor

Firstly open the app on your android mobile device and you’ll see such a screen

The first screen when opening LOCAB AM app

Tap on the menu bar (three horizontal lines) or from the left edge of the screen swipe to the right to display the menu items.

The menu items after tapping the menu bar or swiping from the left to right

Tap the 5th option which is “Web Asset Monitor” which will take you to the next screen

Web Asset Monitor screen use this screen to monitor assets

From there you can enter a unique tracking code / use the bordered buttons to choose public assets after that quick process is completed you shall be able to see your assets in real-time. See below

An example of monitoring a private or public asset on the web assets screen

Everything will be taken care of, you sit back and relax and you’ll be greeted by such a screen once the source has stopped tracking…

An error that occurs once the system detects the source has stopped tracking

Using the App to track public assets

Head to the main screen if you aren’t already there

The main screen of the app

Tap on your asset type on the above screenshot either “Bus” or “Train” then follow the prompts which will popup as cards usually after four prompts you’ll see a screen similar to the one below

Screen showing assets belonging to Tshwane Bus Service

Note: The square orange dots depict the availability of the asset. Orange = available then Red = Unavailable

After selecting the asset then you’ll be able to track the asset if it is available.

Your location will be displayed to you as you move on condition it exists

To know you are successfully tracking you should see this notification appear you can leave the App to save RAM but be on the lookout that the notification persists until you manually tap the “stop tracking” button otherwise the app isn’t tracking you.

Once an asset is being tracked the screen within a few seconds

The above screen text “Temporarily loading live…” will appear but after a few seconds replaced with your actual location as below

Notification ensures you are being tracked and will disappear once you stop tracking or your phone runs out of RAM.

Stop the tracking once you have reached your destination, if you had left the app tap the notification (See above image for an example of a notification) which will lead you back to the tracking screen, tap the “Stop Tracking” button and the notification will disappear and tracking will immediately stop.

The notification went and tracking stopped.

You can close the App or…

Using the App to track private assets

You can create private codes this would commonly be for services such as specials, school transports, delivering whatever you can think of.

Start off by starting the App so that you can be at the Startup screen/ main screen

The main screen of the app

Then reach the menu by tapping the three horizontal lines or swiping from the left to the right in a fast motion.

The menu items of the app

The following screen should appear

A screen where you can create a unique code

Create the code by typing in whatever textual sequence you feel like! We believe using number plates or order numbers is much safer.

After typing in the unique code check the codes avail

Check if the code is available by clicking the button after a while feedback will be received.

after code is created and it’s available you can track it

Click the “Start Track” button and the tracking should begin read the above “tracking a public asset” to understand the lifecycle when tracking.

An example of a private track asset

Using the Website

It is important to know that for all web all activity will occur at a single location

Using the Website to monitor an asset

Start off by heading to the above link if you are not there yet and allowing access to your location.

The tracking and monitoring screen on the first load

Once you have given access to your location you should then either pick which asset you choose to monitor enter a unique code then press “track” or simply tap or click the buttons on the bottom which will lead you to…

Monitoring of an asset via the web directly

You’re done.

Using the Website to track and asset

Head to the main tracking centre if you aren’t there already the scroll down a little to the second panel

Create a unique code or pick a public asset to begin track

If you are adding a unique code be sure to “Check Availability” first then after the check click “Create”. For public assets pick either and follow the prompts. Whichever you choose such will appear.

screen showing a tracked asset

You’re done! However, we do not recommend using the web platform for tracking. Monitoring is cool but tracking is totally not reliable.

Congratulations again! You’ve reached the end if you didn’t quite understand and would like more information drop an email at and we will gladly help you.


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